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Donation Letter for a Human Rights Charity

Prompt: Sample of a donation letter written from gift relations at a human rights non-profit. The letter is to a client about why they should give money to a charity for refugee resettlement over other charities.

In the United States, we are lucky to live in a country with little threat of active war within our borders and a progressive constitution demanding equality for everyone. We go about our lives with little fear of the dangers faced by citizens of other countries. In many parts of the world, danger and persecution is increasing and is forcing more people to flee their homes, afraid for their lives. 

In 2015, 60 million refugees were displaced globally, surpassing all previous records. These refugees hail from countries all around the world, as they have fled from their homes due to war, persecution and danger. Many of the refugees are incredibly vulnerable people such as, children, abused women, the elderly and people with disabilities. They are living in refugee camps where food, shelter and safety are scarce. They are in dire need of help, to be resettled to places where they can rebuild their lives and their homes as new citizens.

Volunteer agencies in the U.S. alone have promised to take 80,000 refugees this year, which is a small percentage compared to the in the greater scheme of things, but money to help is scarce. In order to lessen the financial burden for the volunteer refugee resettlement agencies, we are asking for a donation from you. The money you donate will go towards supplying the refugees with a home-cooked meal, warm winter clothing and other essentials we take for granted every day. Please donate as much as you are able. Every dollar counts towards bettering the lives of families just like yours and mine.