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Hoover’s Research Initiatives Take The Lead In Global Policy Research

The diverse research initiatives at the Hoover Institution are a microcosm of the institution’s activities advancing its mission of putting forth leading scholarly research to inform and advise world leaders, policy makers, the informed public, and other scholars.

I currently have the privilege of writing the Hoover Institution's new Centennial Secrets Channel in honor of the Institution's 100 year anniversary. Here's an excerpt from one of my articles: Read the full article on

The Hoover Institution has long distinguished itself by providing perspectives gained from both scholarship and historical knowledge. Ahead of his time in many ways, Herbert Hoover was the original “great convener.” His dedication and support to collecting contemporary materials for archival purposes were decades ahead of other libraries at the time. Due to his foresight, the Hoover Institution became a widely renowned research library, which later grew to include an accompanying world-class research center. Hoover was absolutely committed to his library becoming a research institution that would offer guidance to humanity through the study of records of the past. The research center brought together distinguished scholars to examine the materials of the archives and to advance the institution’s research initiatives dedicated to the ideas of democracy and freedom.

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