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    Natalie K. Parrish

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    Who is Natalie Parrish?

    I am a PMP certified project manager, a dreamer, a writer, a Ravenclaw, a traveler, a board game anarchist, a cinephile, an Italophile, an MBTI INFJ, a reader, a huge nerd. I've always had a hard time pinning myself down because there is so much to see and learn and do in this world. I like to bake when I am stressed and listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack as my pump up jams. I cosplay at Comic Cons and go on long walks with my dog. I love to read and my idea of a great night is one where I get to read uninterrupted for several hours. I love to play video games with my fiance and yell at the screen as I get stressed about the dire situations I get my characters into and watch them die. I watch Game of Thrones and wonder who will win the Iron Throne (my theory is everyone dies). Watch Parks & Rec and the Office on repeat just one too many times. I am a little bit of everything.

  • Project Management

    Marketing & Strategic Communications

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    Product Marketing Manager

    Hoover Institution - Stanford University

    July 2016 - Present


    • Coordinate creation, launch, and promotion for product portfolio of 12+ digital and print media products on Drupal (CMS) and social media.
    • In 2018, managed product portfolio saw avg. 70% growth unique web traffic.
    • Managed the launch of and maintain 7 ongoing digital products and maintain a portfolio of 8 additional ongoing legacy products.
    • Managed the release of 300+ digital media (journals, columns, blogs, podcasts, and videos) which drove 1.2+ million pageviews since launch.
    • Performed and analyzed 200+ business intelligence reports on web traffic, marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and audiovisual listens/views.
    • Draft, edit, package, implement and organize video media for web series, Uncommon Knowledge, with 1.8 million views in 2018.
    • Implemented rebranding, improved on page SEO, site structure and design, and implemented new production workflow of web series, which reduced errors, reduced product turnaround time from 72 hours to 24 hours, and increased growth.
    • Manage advertising campaigns and ad budget on social media, Google AdWords, print, digital, and audio media outlets.
    • Craft messaging, branding, and copy for content that resonates with new target segments.
    • Manage and craft email marketing campaigns through Mail Chimp.
    • Research, write, and edit articles for Hoover’s Centennial Secrets weekly blog.
    • Create, monitor, and analyze the weekly, monthly, yearly, and ad hoc metric reports on web traffic to Hoover products via Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Excel, and Tableau.
    • Make recommendations to keep, modify, or cut existing products based on analysis of metrics.
    • Meet with and present key product stakeholders with the metrics and outcomes of strategies and promotions.
    • Perform qualitative risk analysis and monitor products for potential copyright and policy violations.
    • Actively monitor and implement takedown notices for third parties who republish Hoover content without proper permissions.
  • Graduate Researcher

    Committee on International Relations

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    M.A. Candidate

    University of Chicago

    September 2015 - August 2016

    • Undertook year-long independent research project on the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe
    • Conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of existing academic literature on public policy in Europe, US refugee policy and the current refugee crisis in Europe to inform thesis development
    • Compiled and analyzed data from Pew Research Center, Eurostat, and news outlets
    • Created data visualizations of research for analysis
    • Wrote and edited 45-page peer reviewed Master’s thesis overseen by the joint efforts of the Department of Sociology and the Committee on International Relations.
    • Presented and defended master’s thesis
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    Graduate Research Assistant

    Department of History

    October 2015 – June 2016

    • Conducted extensive research of the Italian Renaissance and Classical Philosophers (in Italian & English)
    • Translated, analyzed and synthesized Italian literature; Prepared detailed summaries
    • Formatted and edited book publications on pressbooks.com
    • Conducted detail intense research projects
    • Managed multiple self-directed projects
    • Prepared detailed summaries of research for use by stakeholders
    • Researched, formatted, and copyedited presentations
    • Formatted and edited digital book on Pressbooks.com,
    • Created brochures and pamphlets using Adobe Illustrator
  • Content Management

    Windows Experience, Campaigns & Operations Management Team

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    Local Content Manager


    June 2014 - August 2015

    • Conducted content moderation for over 5000+ apps and games for Italian, US, and global markets to assess the quality and market fit.
    • Recommended high quality and top performing apps and games to be featured in Windows Store.
    • Conducted QA and A/B testing on high profile games for developers.
    • Analyzed and reported content for geopolitical risk and global security concerns in apps and games.
    • Analyzed and flagged app and game content for policy violations to prevent content from being promoted.
    • Managed projects involving social tagging, consumer experience and merchandising in the Windows Store.
    • Performed and analyzed 40+ weekly performance reports for apps & games using Excel Pivot Tables & SQL Server.
    • Conducted in-depth business analysis reports on trends in team performance for key stakeholders.  
    • Drafted and presented business proposals for streamlining features and products in the Windows Store to key stakeholders
    • Prepared a weekly in-house newsletter showcasing the top games & apps discovered by the team.
    • Knowledgeable in diverse needs and expectations for marketing campaigns for a variety of countries.
    Contracted through Bridge Consulting Group
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    Interim Program Manager

    March 2015 - June 2015

    (All duties as Interim Program Manager were concurrent with Local Content Manager responsibilities)

    • Acted as primary point of contact for multiple projects for managers.
    • Managed, delegated and tracked ad hoc requests for the team.
    • Managed and resolved issue escalations for cross-functional teams.
    • Tracked bugs/glitches, suggestions, and issues with all software used by the team and escalated where appropriate.
    • Supported and collaborated with other teams on content suppression and certification audits.
    • Tracked all devices and handled budget expenses made by the team.

    Contracted through Bridge Consulting Group

  • Words To Live By

    "Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge​"


    - April Ludgate-Dwyer, Parks & Recreation -

  • Research

    From Academia to Beyond

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    Refugees & Europe:

    A Growing Crisis in Nativism and Destabilization

    M.A. International Relations Thesis



    The refugee crisis in Europe that can no longer be ignored. Millions of asylum-seekers from the middle east are fleeing civil war and danger, and they are flocking to Europe in hopes of finding safety and new homes. Unfortunately, infrastructures were not in place for a migration of refugees this size and the strain is beginning to show. Anti-refugee sentiments are growing across Europe and the governments are turning away from their humanitarian duties to help the refugees. Persecution and rejection of refugees are becoming increasingly more popular by the day, with for example countries like Hungary and Austria building walls around their borders to prevent the entry of refugees. This is causing millions of refugees to be locked outside of Europe, trapped in refugee camps in horrible conditions in Turkey. The lives and welfares of millions of people are at stake in this crisis, and it is our duty to help them.



    • Examining the contemporary refugee crisis in Europe and the human rights violations perpetrated by the state governments against the refugees. 
    • Utilizing critical race theory, UNHCR refugee policy, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and cases from the European Court of Human Rights. 
    • Engaging with qualitative and quantitative research methodology to study relevant demographic statistics.


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    Violence, Sexism, & the Media: The Fight for Italian Women’s Rights in the 20th Century

    CHID Honors Senior Thesis

    Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellow



    Violence against women has been a problem in many countries of the world, but in Italy, it is only getting worse. Italy is consistently ranked as one of the least gender egalitarian nations in Europe for their treatment of women. In its 2012 Gender Gap Report, the World Economic Forum cited Italian gender-based wage inequality and the disparate underrepresentation of women in public and private senior management positions for ranking the country 80th among the 135 studied. At the same time, the rise of Berlusconi and his control over mass media in Italy seems to play an important role in the fight for women's rights. The hyper-sexualisation of women on television, few speaking roles, and lack of depth in the roles present seems to be indicative of larger problems about the views of women in Italy.



    • Took an ethnographic methodological approach which included interviews with Italian women about their experiences in Italy and examinations of women's rights groups in Italy. 
    • Used qualitative and quantitative research methods to examine population data, legislation regarding divorce, and domestic violence, and Berlusconi's rise to power in the media industry. 
    • Included a literature review reviewing autobiographical accounts of Italian women and representations of women in literature. 


  • Words To Live By

    It's never too early for ice cream.


    Michael Scott, The Office –

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